What is Happiness?

Frank 0

Wealth, health, success, freedom, halal food london, happiness. Are these things in short supply these days? Well, it depends on how you actually define these ‘things’. Generally speaking, these are not ‘things’ at all but values that we should all be continuously seeking for a lifetime. To a person who’s been living in a part of the world that has not seen rain for over a month, a meal consisting of a plateful of rice complete with meat and vegetables is a wealthy treat indeed. While to the child of a multi-millionaire, who was born with a silver spoon and given everything in the world, it would probably be less than his or her staple diet.

Values differ from person to person. What makes him or her happy might not make you happy. What you think will make you happy might turn out to be your worst nightmare. We can’t predict these things unless we have sufficient wisdom and insight.

Speaking of happiness, I need to clear something up about it, which will be the impetus of this article. Happiness is not a ‘thing’ that is to be pursued at all. It’s not a goal that you should set and look to achieve. It’s not a desire that you wish to ‘manifest’.
It’s just a feeling. It’s a state, if you will. You can create it right here, right now, if you want to. It’s what you should be, every moment of every day.

In fact, if it makes you happy to act all angry, yell and curse at the traffic every morning, by all means, go ahead and do so! Yes, even if it means you have to be paradoxical about it, you have to be happy every moment of every day. And believe or not, some people I know are happy being depressed all the time.

The trick though is not to be too caught up in any one emotion for too long a period of time. Except for the emotion of happiness. Always, always return to happiness. So made it a point to remember that. Let’s repeat that phrase again. Always, return to happiness.