Ways to Find the Best Satay in Singapore

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What is Satay in Singapore?
Satay is a popular street food in Singapore that can be found at hawker centers or food courts. The word ‘Satay’ is the Malay word for skewer, which consists of a long thin piece of meat on a stick which is grilled over an open flame. Satay consists of skewered meat, typically chicken, mutton, beef, shrimp or fish, roasted on a skewer and then dipped in a peanut sauce. The sauce is made from ground peanuts mixed with lemon juice, cilantro leaves and other spices. Satays are a popular street food in Singapore. They are usually served with peanut sauce, cucumber relish, hard-boiled eggs, sweet chili sauce, crushed peanuts and lime wedges.

Why is Satay so Popular in Singapore?
People love satays because they are easy to eat, affordable and tasty. While Singaporeans have a penchant for spicy food, the satays are considered to be milder than other dishes. They can be eaten alone, with rice or even wrapped in a banana leaf. However, one must be careful when eating it because the skin is not that tough and can easily break if not careful enough. The popularity of satay has been increasing over the years with people from all walks of life taking pride in this dish from its hometown. For one thing, it is easy to make and does not require much cooking skills at all. It also takes less time than other dishes so everyone can easily enjoy it during mealtime without any hassle while still enjoying a variety of flavors.

How to Find the Best Satays in Singapore
Finding the best satay in Singapore is not easy. There are a lot of options with different prices and quality. You need to know what you are looking for when you search for the best satay. Let’s explore a few ways on how to find it! Singapore has a diverse range of ethnic cuisines that include Indian, Malay, Chinese, and Indonesian dishes. What makes these dishes unique is their sauces and spices that come from different parts of Asia. Satays are one dish that comes from Indonesia. The best way to find affordable yet authentic Indonesian restaurants is by picking up a copy of Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia City Guides which provides reviews on restaurants in every city it visits including Singapore. Alternatively, you could also use Yelp or Google Maps in order to find the best Satay locations in Singapore.

Ways to Order the Best Satays Online in Singapore
When it comes to satays, you can order them from a local food court or a hawker centre. There are also many restaurants that serve satays in Singapore. However, there are some other ways on how to order the best satays online in Singapore. The first step to order satays online in Singapore is to find the eateries and restaurants that serve satays. You can use Google Maps or Yelp to find these eateries and restaurants that sell satay online. Once you have found your preferred eatery or restaurant online, you can place an order for their delivery service. The next way is to order from a satay eatery that is featured on food delivery apps such as Grab, Foodpanda and Deliveroo. You may even wish to visit popular online catering sites such as https://www.ezbbq.com.sg/products/cooked-chicken-satay to get the best satay in Singapore.