Top Halal Restaurants in London That are Worth Your Visit

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If you are an avid Muslim traveller who intends to travel to England, then you should check out its capital, since you can find one of the best halal hotel london has to offer, and many Muslim friendly amenities there. For the longest time, London has been popular as a bustling city that offers unique taste and dining experiences that cater to different cultures and palates. The place serves as the home to some of the world’s finest restaurants. The streets of London are lined with all types of restaurants that are guaranteed to suit everyone’s preferences. And if you are looking for top halal restaurants in London, you don’t have to worry because you will never run out of options in the city.

The Meat Co
The Meat Co is one of the most ideal spots for steak not only in London but also in the entire United Kingdom. It is a global group of steakhouse restaurants that worked hand in hand with their Middle Eastern partners to come up with its very own halal menu. Who would be able to resist delicious, guilt-free, juicy, and perfectly cooked halal steak? Definitely not you!

Tigerbay right next to Hanger Lane station is the perfect dining destination if you are in London and craving for Lebanese cuisine. The deal is made even sweeter with the fact that they offer a plethora of delish halal dishes matched with refreshing mocktails.

It is not a surprise that Bintang is a mainstay on any list of halal restaurants in London. Bintang is a tiny but hearty establishment known to offer an eclectic and creative menu based on various Asian cuisines. They specialize in the halal pan Asian cuisine boasting of surprising fusions from the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and China.

Dishoom is a Bombay or Irani Café that resembles those that were popular during the era of old British India. Aside from their Indian décor with contemporary twist, be ready to indulge in naan breads, mouthwatering curries and other Indian dishes. And the good news is that Dishoom is also verified halal.

Baluchi at The LaLiT London
Baluchi offers a long list of halal and vegetarian options, from their rich mix of sumptuous pan-Indian cuisine, including hearty dinner plates and decadent brunches. Pair your meals with their afternoon tea that combines the staple old school British upper class with an Indian twist and fresh flavors.

Babaji Pide
Babaji Pride is one of those halal restaurants in London were you can grab a bite of Turkish-style pizza or pide. They also offer traditional Turkish seafood, salads, and soups. Pide is a flat bread shaped like a boat with exciting array of toppings of Turkish style.

Kurobata is among those Japanese eateries of izakaya style that gained extensive popularity not just in London but also around the world because of its delish dishes that are often served in smaller portions to pair with drinks. The best thing about Kurobuta is that you can call and preorder everything on their menu to be halal 48 hours in advance. This means that you can taste anything you like on their delicious and hip menu with no need to worry if it is halal .