South Korean Aesthetic and its Rising Influence

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How the South Koreans Started Creating a More Inclusive Aesthetic
As a result of their tumultuous history, the South Koreans have developed a unique culture which has enabled them to thrive as a nation. They are obsessed with beauty and elegance. This is why they have developed an aesthetic that is inclusive, diverse, and egalitarian. The Korean War led to the death of more than four million people in the country. This was mainly because they were separated into opposing factions during the war. This led to a divided Korea where the North was communist and the South was democratic.

However, after three decades of conflict, there evolved an idea called “Harmony” which became popular with the younger generations during this decade. The concept of Harmony is that every person is valuable regardless of their background or status in society.

South Korea’s Culture and Cultural Influence on the Beauty Industry
South Korea is a country that has a culture of beauty and it is also one of the most important countries for makeup and beauty products. As such, K-beauty and South Korea Aesthetic has been recognized as an influential aspect in the global makeup market. The Korean beauty industry was founded in 1990 by three men: Dr. Song Ahn, Dr. Cho Kyungsun, and Dr. Yang Yoogang who were looking for ways to develop a Westernized skincare line that would be affordable to a broader range of consumers while maintaining the same efficacy as luxury brands such as La Prairie and L’Oreal.

The Growing Influence South Korea Aesthetic and Culture on Other Industries
The South Korean aesthetic and culture plays an important role in their beauty industry and it can be seen through its influence on other industries as well such as fashion. For instance, many designers look to trends from Korea for inspiration during trends season. With the rise of social media, the cultural influence on the Korean beauty industry is becoming more difficult to maintain.

The growing popularity of K-beauty in recent years has proven to be a challenge for companies like Yves Saint Laurent who are looking to make inroads into Asia, but have had difficulties gaining recognition because Korean beauty products are becoming increasingly popular and the Korean media is fueling their growth. In fact, the influence of K-Beauty has increased exponentially in recent years. In 2016 alone, K-Beauty surpassed the U.S. market as the largest in the world with $13 billion in sales and this number has grown to over $40 billion by 2020.

South Korean Aesthetic and the Plastic Surgery Industry
South Korea has long led the world in plastic surgery. It is no wonder that it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery destinations for women. This rise in popularity of plastic surgery has led to an influx of women from other countries who are looking for help with their own aesthetic needs. The South Korean government believes that this is due to cultural attitudes towards beauty being influenced by television shows and films.

South Korea is among the top five countries with the highest number of cosmetic surgeries, according to a report. South Korean women are the most likely to be undergoing plastic surgery in a country that has seen a 90 percent increase in the number of procedures being done over the past six years. South Korea is a country where plastic surgery has become a norm. The average age of women who get plastic surgery in South Korea is 30.5 years old. The most popular types of procedures performed are double eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, and breast augmentation.