Most Stylish Crop Tops

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A crop top is a shirt that exposes half of the abdomen, navel, or waistline. The crop top has not always been a comfortable shirt for women. The crop top was adopted by women in the 1930s and 1940s. During the 1930s, it was limited to swimwear. Nobody wore crop tops in markets or common places. A variant style was introduced in the 1940s, which was a tied up knot or a knotted shirt. It became prominent in the 1940s and became widely popular by the 1960s. Crop tops were extensively worn as the feminism waves grew.

Top Stylish Crop Tops
Now that the crop top is in fashion, it has become the staple of girls’ wardrobe. Let us consider some of the best and most stylish crop tops available in the market.

Ruffle Sleep Crop Top
The ruffle sleep crop top is one of the most stylish and gorgeous crop tops. It gives you a subtle and classy appearance. This is a great pick for attending any party.

Off-Shoulder Crop Top
Off-shoulder sleeves make a shirt look cooler and prettier. This is the best crop top to make you look ravishing and stunning. To complete the cool appearance, you should wear casual jeans.

Henley Crop Top
This is a gorgeous and short-length crop top that features the knitted fabric. If the weather is too hot, you can rock it by wearing this breezy Henley crop top. It goes well with the leather shorts. So, wear it and surprise your loved one with this best match.

Knit Crop Top
This is an excellent crop top that has relaxing knit fabric to warm you up. It consists of the stretchy fabric that puts you ahead of your fashionable friends. You become the most fashionable girl at your college. It lets you shine when you wear it along with your sneakers and pants.

Tie Crop Top
Are you willing to wear anything sexier this summer? Well, try to tie a crop top with denim shorts. This crop top has knots that are tied at the back of the shirt. They are also sometimes tied at the sleeves. This crop top style mimics a bohemian style. It gives free-spirited and natural vibes.

Mock Neck Crop Top
Crop top is not only a summer fashion statement. You can also wear the crop top in the winter. Mock Neck Crop Top is one of such crop tops that is mainly designed for winters. It has a neck-length silhouette, which serves as great stylish attire in the winter. It exposes a big part of the navel and completes the look with its long sleeves.

Choker Crop Top
This is our personal favorite – the choker crop top. Chokers have always been in fashion. This is a close-fitted design that comes around the neck and looks stylish. You can pair it with denim jeans or shorts. Depending on the occasion, you can choose to wear it to look classy or sexy. The choker crop top will serve both purposes well.

Crop tops are back in fashion! Get a few and get ahead of your friends in the game of fashion standards.