How to Address the Problems Faced by Muslimahs who Love Abaya Related Products

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Apart from halal food or halal accommodations like a halal hotel in bangkok,  Muslims also like to look for clothings and modest dresses. One of the most popular dresses that most Muslim women cannot without is an abaya. Although there are quite a few stores selling abayas, not all are accessible to Muslim women around the world. That’s where online Muslimah stores like come in. These online fashion stores offer the best in abaya dresses and all kinds of other Muslimah clothes.

But finding abaya and other dresses are not the only problems faced by Muslimahs. Sometimes, they may have problems dressing up or matching clothes, or just want to find out more about Muslimah clothes and designing in general. So how do you address their concerns? Let’s look at some of the ways to address the problems faced by Muslimahs who love abaya dresses.

Methods to Address the Problems
There are many methods to address the problems faced by Muslimahs and hopefully, help them alleviate these problems. Here, we will present to you three types that actually encompasses many sub-methods.

Be an Affiliate or Distributor or Dealer
You can be an affiliate or dealer for an established Muslimah clothing business, promoting their products that can provide a solution to your consumers’ problems. In the physical world, it’s called the distributor or dealer, in online marketing, it’s called the affiliate. Nevertheless, they all serve the same purpose. Please note that these businesses need not necessarily be just clothing stores per se. They can even be businesses promoting Muslimah beauty courses and products, or even educational courses on designing abaya clothes and more.

Create your Own Abaya Related Product
This method is slightly more complicated and tedious but the efforts are more rewarding if done properly and correctly. You can tackle the problems faced by your potential Muslimah customers who love anything to do with abaya fashion, by doing one or more of the following non-exhaustive list.

– Write a physical book or e-book about abaya and beauty
– Produce online courses about dressing, clothes matching and fashion
– Produce an audio or video program about everything to do with abaya
– Create a software program on designing abaya clothes
– Establish your own line of abaya related products

Of course, you have to ensure that the method you use is relevant to your business. For example, if you wish to market your own unique abaya clothing line, it will not be very useful to create only a software explaining about the abaya clothes without actually creating and designing your very own line of unique clothes.

Provide a Service
In our opinion, this method will take the most effort and dedication on your part. In addition, you may have to build your credibility first before customers come flocking to you with their cash. Nevertheless, this method can prove the most profitable if executed well.

The following are the various non-exhaustive ways you can solve customers’ problem through this method.

  • – Set up a consulting firm about how to market abaya products and services
    – Set up a firm providing professional advice on setting up a Muslimah clothing business
    – Provide a training or coaching or membership service about starting up, marketing or selling abaya related products
    – Provide a sale service of your own or someone else’s abaya products on online and ecommerce platforms.